Buffer window search, navigation

Okay, a pretty basic question here. How do you figure out how to do basic navigation stuff in the text editing (buffer) window in sonic pi? I know it’s more or less based on emacs.
I found an emacs cheatsheet here:

but not everything works, and not everything is covered. I’ve figured out how to cut, copy and paste, but how do you:
search for a string?
do search & replace with another string?
jump to the top of the buffer window?
jump to the bottom of the buffer window?
jump to the end of a line?
jump to the start of a line?

I have no experience with emacs, and there don’t seem to be any official docs on this.
How do I do these basic editing and navigation tasks?
And is there (I pray to God) a way to remap these functions onto more familiar key combos?

Seems that there’s no search functionality in sonic pi. Search functionality?