Is there a way to easily find and replace, like command +F

Does anyone know if there is a way to easily find and replace, like command +F? I keep wanting to quickly change samples etc which I’d do with find and replace for the sample name. It’s been really tripping me up to not have this. On mac, when I press command+F nothing happens. is there some other way? or an extension I can add?

edit: I see other threads seeing there is no way to do this. is this still the case in June 2024? with no extensions as workaround?

Welcome to the Sonic Pi world. This DSL isn’t a text editor, so OS keyboard shortcuts do not ship as standard. The online tutorial does list meta key strokes specific to Sonic Pi.


Could you provide a link to the online tutorial? I thought I watched it, but don’t recall hearing about editing keys. I also would like to be able to search & replace (as well as jump to the top & bottom of the document, and beginning and end of line).

Okay, I just read the shortcut key section to the tutorial, and there’s a ton of useful info there.
However, 2 problems:

  1. There’s nothing there about find & replace. How does one do this?
  2. The shortcuts that supposedly jump to the top & bottom of the buffer (M-> and M-<) don’t seem to work, at least for me on Win 11. We’re talking alt-arrow key, right? That seems to shift the whole window left or right, not move to the top/bottom of the code.
    I also tried the less-than sign key, tried using the ctrl & shift keys… no joy. Nothing I try jumps to the top/bottom of the buffer.