Random Feature Requests

  • it would be nice if you could rename the buffer tabs as ‘Drums’, ‘Bass’ etc rather than ‘Buffer 1’, Buffer 2’ etc so you can remember what is what
  • in a similar vein why show ten buffers at a time ? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a ‘+’ buffer so you can add them as u want ? I don’t get the sense anyone uses 10
  • the built-in help window doesn’t really work, at least on Linux. I mean the content is great, but is incredibly difficult to navigate within the tiny window. Why not split the docs out from the app and just have them as an HTML site, one themed like this forum (which looks great BTW) ? Much easier to navigate and consume from within a browser

Thank you :grinning:


All good thoughts and all on my TODO list :slight_smile:

One thing - you can already pop out the built-in help window and also changed its size - so you can even drag it into a separate monitor :slight_smile: