Can't view the documentation inside Sonic Pi


For some reason, now when I click to show the Help tab, it doesn’t display any of the docs. There’s no tutorial, samples, lang, etc… tabs like the way it used to… I only see a generic page saying “Sonic Pi music as art, art as code”

Is this something intentional in the new version (I have a hard time imagining that would be the case…)? If not, anyone has an idea on how to fix this? I already tried to uninstall and install again… Didn’t make a difference (but maybe I should’ve cleaned up some residue files or something?).

Thanks :slight_smile:

There is a thin drag handle on the side of the panel where the topic buttons and contents list is usually shown - meaning that you could potentially drag it all the way to the edge and hide the list - is this relevant? :slight_smile:

omg yes. That was it. But the handle is virtually invisible… I would’ve never seen it if you didn’t tell me… hahaha…

Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s useful for us to limit the movement of the drag handle a bit, if that’s possible…

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Yes, I know that I’m not the only one this happened to, I remember giving some workshops and having students not understand why they couldn’t see the documentation inside Sonic Pi… And unfortunately I didn’t have a proper answer for them and didn’t want to waste time in the workshop, so I was just pulling it up for them on my own screen… Maybe just to make the slider a bit more obvious would be helpful if that is a possibility? :slight_smile:


FWIW … The earlier page layout …
??? 3.0 and earlier ??? was much more
legible and usable … There was a big
switch in the graphics and / or layout
around that time ( and (IMHO) not a positive
one .
I suggest the problem described here would
not have come up on earlier versions …

Possibly, but I doubt it. In the earlier GUI design, the border between the help contents list and actual content was much wider, but the drag handle (which is the important cue) was still the same width as it is now. (Notice that the cursor still changes over a very small width):

I always do cmd-I to open the documentation. Now that the topic of drag handles has come up, I’d think the one between the code and the log is unnecesarily difficult to access. Normally, you slowly hover your mouse horizontally until it “hits,” but when there’s no scroll bar between the code and log, the hit zone is so narrow that I have to do several micro-drags left and right until I catch the thing. On my hi res screen, it’s annoying. If we could get a thicker zone and indicator (essentially, a scroll bar that extends the full height), that would do it.

But also, the cursor sometimes doesn’t change from the vertical line into the left-right arrows at all so that I have to keep micro-dragging back and forth and clicking until I get lucky. It’s really quite maddening.