What do we need to create the source package ? raspberry related

Hi, after reading about the past of sonic pi, i discover that the source package require a specific built pack… Sam said that no one in the dev team is able to produce this package… i am wondering why it is so complicated and why no one has offered to support the project…

so, my questions are:

  • can we get donations to pay a developer to produce such package ?
  • is the knowledge required is inaccessible to most of us ?
  • What are we waiting for?

at the time that i am writing this post, i am not using Raspberry so this topic would be on my table when i need to go on performance with a small device lie the Rpi. :wink:

but still… how can we help ? what would be the cost of making a source pack release when we need it, and share it to all raspberry users…
maybe i dont see the point and you can give me some clearer details about that… then we will lokk at the options

have a nice day

It seems a rift has developed between Sonic and Raspberry Pi ’ s …
I would suggest , if you want to do performance with Raspberry Pi ,
use the Stretch OS which has available via ’ apt ’ ( or ’ prefered
software ’ menu ) a well running version of Sonic Pi .