Sonic Pi as an appimage

After reading posts from Linux users who are struggling with getting Sonic Pi compiled and/or running under various linux distros has there ever been any consideration to package it up as an appimage? It would seem logical to do so for a few reasons:

  1. Linux users can download the software from the author just as they do for other OS versions.
  2. It’s a “one stop shop”. Everything is included in the appimage file.
  3. A simple download, make executable with 'chmod a+x" command or even easier using a linux file manager.
  4. It might encourage Linux users who aren’t on ARM Raspberry Pi’s to support the Sonic Pi effort as they can run in their architecture.
  5. One doesn’t have to pollute their file system with getting all the compiler dependencies together, correct libraries and hacking at scripts. etc. Ie; no compilation hell.
  6. Add your own reason here …

Anyway just tossing out the question to see where it lands.



It’s a great idea. I just currently don’t have the resources to support linux at this point. However, if a member of our community was interested in creating and supporting an app image, that’s something I would hugely encourage :slight_smile:

Hello Sam, I’m glad you like the idea. I do understand being strapped for resources, been there myself a few times. :slight_smile: I’ll look into this and see what can be done. As a linux user since the early Slackware days I’m sure something can be accomplished. :slight_smile:

I’ll post back here with my progress.



That would be fabulous. I’m sure there are others here that will both cheer you on and also potentially be in a position to offer some support :slight_smile:

Please do let us know how you get on…

Thank you for starting this thread, and graze mille for offering to give it a start. I would be a very happy for the twenty Ubuntu laptops that are in my class room.

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It would be wonderful. After months of efforts, I’ve just achieved to run Sonic Pi in the computers of my school, but I would be great to have newer versions (we are on Sonic Pi 2.10) and easy to install.

I appreciate the encouragement! The work is being done in 3 stages, compiling SP itself, packaging via the appimage tools and then a limited testing distribution. For testing, with Sam’s approval, I’d like to see it perhaps tested by forum users on as many distros as possible before a wider release to check for compatibility, bugs, tweaking, etc.

Anyway, that’s the plan. I suspect the most time-consuming part will be to get a suitable compiling environment set up. Sonic Pi is a bit of beast to compile with all it’s dependencies and versioning requirements. My current work PC runs Lubuntu 19.04 with their new LXQt desktop (which is a really nice release btw) but is not setup for development. I decided instead to re-purpose an older PC I have with an install of Ubuntu 18.04 (more mainstream) for this project. That’s where I am now.

AND, a big THANK YOU! to Robin Newman as I’m using his post on compiling for Raspberry Pi as a help guide to get this project started: Building SP3.2dev from source on a Pi4

Keep you posted. Cheers.


Hi there,

would be really nice to have something like that. It will maybe get hard with the audio integration (jackd etc.).
I wish you all the best to get it running :slight_smile: