Announcement: sonicpi.nvim


I just wanted to note, that I have released a Sonic Pi plugin for Neovim.

Inspired by the Vim plugin from dermusikman, I have written a SonicPi 4 compatible Neovim plugin, which is fully written in lua and has no external dependencies other than Sonic Pi.

However it is currently only tested under Linux.

So feel free to use it and happy live coding


Great! I was waiting for this :smiley: Nice work!

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Really great to have this! I couldn’t manage to comile the UI on Manjaro and the AUR package was outdated. With this I can just use the git repo and link to the server files. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

I have made my own build of SonicPi because of this. I think, you need to build it anyways, because of the Erlang parts, which are needed for the server.
If you want to run SonicPi in Manjaro you can use my build under GitHub - magicmonty/sonic-pi.arch: Manjaro/Arch build for Sonic Pi