Visualiser for Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone

Since I’m looking into performing live in the near future, it would be neat with some visuals running in the background while I code the sick beats. I’m essentially looking for something like the visualizer from Winamp, where the visuals are made by audio analysis. I’ve found plenty of things so far, like ProjectM and Synaesthesia

Problem is, I’m live-coding on a case-modded Raspberry Pi setup, and my googling hasn’t found anything for me other than cava, which is a little basic for my taste. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Edit 1: I found the projectm-jack package in the repositories, but it failed to work because the default config file looks for tff-DejaVuSans instead of DejaVuSans. Easy to fix. ProjectM also throws some sort of error that I cannot understand. Synesthesia hasn’t been updated since 2013, so that’s probably a dead end. Cava doesn’t seem to do Jack audio (which is what Raspberry Pi uses) either. The search continues.

Edit 2: I tried to look at Le Biniou. The package available in the repositories is obsolete. I tried downloading the debian package from their website, and installing the dependencies listed in their README will uninstall Sonic Pi. So no point in continuing down that road.