New version of Sonic PI 3 visualiser

I received a request on the youtube video to produce a visualiser that could be used side by side with Sonic Pi, rather than occupying the whole screen and using Sonic Pi in transparent mode. I have now altered the original processing file so that it works in a resizable window, so you can set it any size you wish, and even drag it to a second monitor if you wish. There is an article with code links here


One day something like this will be supported in the Sonic Pi app itself :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to get it to work on a Pi. Difficult to get loopback to work to feed in the audio. Found various articles on the subject, using alsa loopback, but not got it working yet.

Interesting - although personally just sending data to a visualiser via OSC has always been sufficient for me. What are you doing with the audio in processing? Anything fancy?

The audio is fed to a fast fourier transform using the processing minim library which produces a frequency component distributed amplitude to control the size of the shapes drawn. I also have osc messages control further aspects, rotation, shifting, shape selection etc.

I’m pretty sure we can do this all in Sonic Pi + OSC out. What kind of update frequency do you need? If it’s not much more than 10 times a second then it won’t be a problem…

Yes I think it probably can all be done in OSC. I used an existing audio driven processing patch as a basis to produce the shapes and modified this considerably. I might take a look at OSC only sometime, but got my eldest Son and Grandchild arriving from Switzerland to stay tomorrow, so not soon.

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