Learning Visual Live Code | Visor or Hydra?

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to get some feedback/experiences with live coding visuals. I’ve been looking around and as I am learning Sonic Pi, I feel that Visor is more what I am used to (Ruby-ish)

What do you think? Is there anybody that has some good experiences?


Touch Designer is worth looking at. For me it was a challenging learning curve but worth it.

It’s not specifically designed as a music visualizer, but it has tools that let you respond to volume, spectrum, and osc, so you can do a lot with it.

There’s a free version that’s fully functional but with a 1280x1280 video resolution limit.

I’d be interested to hear a little more about Visor and Hydra – I’m teaching a Sonic Pi class this January and would like to show students visualization options.

I have gather stuff about Hydra in this docs
Hydra beginner workshop links - this doc https://tinyurl.com/hydraworkshop

Example: Hydra + Sonic Pi Practice session with Hydra and Sonic Pi intro til valgfaget musik efter jul - YouTube