Live coding with visualiser

Hi there!
I would like to do a live coding with a visualisation in the background and I don’t how to do it, I don’t how can I upload/link the visualiser with Sonic Pi.
I read about OSC and that there are a lot of option with you can design the animation but at the moment I just need a simple animation running in the background.

I had fun with minim library in Processing but if there would be something else faster it could be helpful for a first live coding (I don’t have any hardware except the computer).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Valerio
I’ve dabbled with a few visualisers with Sonic Pi, mainly running on a Mac. If you search for visualiser on this site you’ll find links. I’ve used processing, p5.js and visor for these.
I also did one using Hexler’s TouchVIZ