Using Sonic Pi with MaKey MaKey


As a fan of both Sonic Pi and MaKey MaKey I was interested in using them together (Scratch is a bit limited musically). @mrbombmusic had also mentioned wanting to do this in his music lessons, so it seemed like a useful idea.

I couldn’t find a solution kicking about the web so I’ve put together a small Pygame Zero program that lets you connect the two. Instructions, code, and a slightly shoogly video can be found here:

OSC + Loop machine + Makeymakey

Awesome! So glad you posted here. Can’t wait to try it out. I’ll check in when I get a chance to try it out, possibly with lots of follow up questions :flushed:


Cool - let me know how you get on - and if you spot any bugs that need fixed! :smiley:


Great article Claire. By coincidence I was looking at my GPIO pins interaction with Sonic Pi today for use in a talk I’m giving at the CamJam in Cambridge on Saturday. It ‘s great to see you using OSC to control Sonic Pi.
I also used pygame to control Sonic Pi via a PS3 games controller here


Thanks, Robin - that’s really cunning! At this rate we can have a sonic pi band with several of us controlling the program with a variety of unlikely devices :wink: Your GPIO pins article was really useful in working out the pygame interaction, so thanks for that. And have fun at the CamJam!


So cool! I´m currently using Makey Makey in combination with the levTools, a modular music tool on the basis of pure data:
(only german description)

I will check out your solution soon, thanks a lot!


Thanks, Gisbert! I hope you enjoy using it :smiley:
I hadn’t heard of levTools, but it looks really cool.


i will link this topic to a solution i found using Processing and Makey Makey with sonic-pi via OSC:
Sending OSC to Sonic Pi from Processing, in that codes you can make sound banks, and change them with a click (another makey button) it lets you 11 free buttons for play in every bank