New user with a few ideas

Hi all, Sonic Pi is just a fantastic tool. I plan to use it at our entrepreneurship workshops for the community. At these events we have a ‘makers’ area with projects from Arduino to Raspberry to DIY electronics, etc. Sonic Pi will be a perfect fit for the workshops and for our courses in intro to computing for children and teens (in Ponta Grossa, Brazil).

I don’t know if we have this already, but something helpful would be a world geo-locator for people skilled enough in Sonic Pi that could demo it for events, etc. Do we have this already?


Cara! Eu adoria que viajar para O Brasil e ensinar sobre o Sonic Pi!! Mas infelzimente com meu emprego e a familia, nao sei o quando eu podia :frowning_face:

Sorry everyone, I don’t get many chances to practice my Portuguese and this was too good to pass up!!

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Sem problemas, pena que os outros não entendem!! :grin:

For everyone else, we just had a friendly chat in Portuguese! Back to English now!

@mrbombmusic , do you know of any Sonic Pi events / developers in Brazil?

I do not unfortunately. My life as someone who is interested in creative technology came after when I was spending time in Brazil. But I would love to find a way to combine the two. As of now, I am just aware of some Scratch communities in Sao Paulo and this guy who I follow on twitter (also in Sao Paulo) that does work with Python, Processing and some micro controllers -

Please share any links or people to check out in Brazil who are into any type of Creative Coding or hardware. I’d be happy to contribute or collaborate with what you are doing, at least remotely for now.

I’ll share what I know about creative technology here, as you suggested. I also work with gaming in Scratch, Scratch <=> Arduino communication, Web <=> Nodejs <=> Arduino communication, these kinds of things… Background in electronics… programming came later…

The most prominent Sonic Pi user in Brazil has to be Alexandre Rangel by a long way :slight_smile:

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