Rpi GPIO hardware as inputs/controllers

Hi all,

I’ve just started messing around with SPi (and coding) this week and have managed to get my GPIO inputs talking to Sonic Pi. If anyone is interested I’ll put a great link to get you started with this here:

So I’ve managed to follow these instructions, which has opened up the door to my dream of creating my own sequencer/synthesizer using the RPi. With this door now open, I’m looking through the other side and am wondering if anyone can shine some light on what’s possible using inputs such as potentiometers and buttons.

My (limited) understanding so far is that the function of the GPIO hardware is pre-defined as python3 script, and cannot be edited once within sonic pi. My intuition says this is a limitation, but I would really love to see what other people have achieved using a similar setup!


Always happy to see a new face round here.

I reckon you need to speak to Robin (Newman) and
read through his Pi articles here on the forum, youtube, etc.



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Yes you could look at this project of mine for starters.

Or try using TouchOSC program on a tablet to make and use virtual potentiometers and switches to control Sonic Pi

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Hi Robin,

Wow! Can’t believe I didn’t even explore your other documentation how silly of me.
Excellent video, you’ve given me a lot of ideas. Now time to experiment!
Of course, if anyone else can share knowledge in this area that Robin hasn’t already, please do share!