Using Sonic Pi on a network

We are using sonic pi on our network and one user can log in ok, when they log off and another user logs on they cannot get passed the splash screen.
I have tried allowing Full Access to the Sonic Pi folder in case it is a permissions issue.

Any ideas how we get around this?

Hi, sorry you’re having problems. We’ll try our best to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

A few quick questions to get started:

  • Are you using the recently released v3.1?
  • Are you using Windows?
  • Is your network set up so each user has their own user account, or are multiple machines being logged into from the same account?
  • Have you only ever had one Sonic Pi app running at once (with all others freezing at the splash screen) or have you had rare occasions of two or more versions of Sonic Pi running at the same time?

Hi Sam
Thanks for the reply.
we are using 2.11.1
we are running on Windows 10 LTSB
All pupils have their own account in Active Directory.
We could have a 6 or so running but the rest of the class wouldn’t be able to access.

Sometimes a reboot might fix it but that is very hit and miss.


Is there any chance you could try v3.1?