Windows 10 Fixes For Sonic PI 2021


Windows user, have not touched sonic Pi in a few months. None of my scrips run right anymore. Same PC sonic pi 3.3.1 use to run great. No issues what so ever. Now sonic pi cant even run a few threads without going out of sync.

I’ve used the repair tool, and reinstalled sonic pi.

Anyone else encounter these kinds of issues recently or know of workarounds?

The main thing I’m getting is timing error: can’t keep up.

Again it’s very strange since a few months ago everything just worked no problem.

You can even look at my profile and see I was able to run large multi buffer jams with no problems.

So I’m pretty sure it’s not my bad code.

that’s the reason ! It’s a feature :slight_smile:

More seriously, do you have changed some audio settings or devices ? Bluetooth in example ?


Hey man. I work full time and I’m a grad student.

I use to play with sonic pi heavily in my free time. Imagine how disheartened I feel with sonic pi when I can’t get it to run things it use to run. Or anything to run anymore without it giving me some thread timing error. I was hoping someone may have already noticed or experienced these issues.

No have not have changed anything sadly.

I legit use to be able to use sonic pi no issues

It’s super odd that you’re experiencing issues - sorry about that.

If v3.3.1 Sonic Pi worked for you just fine and the same version is giving you issues now - given Sonic Pi hasn’t changed the likelihood is that something with your PC has.

Two things I’ve noticed on PCs that can interfere with the timing are:

  1. Energy power settings
  2. Sound card drivers

I’d therefore turn any energy power settings off (they can cause the CPU to sleep when it thinks it isn’t doing hard work which messes with the timing). I’d also check to see if you’re using the same sound card and settings as before. Try and update drivers, try and use ASIO drivers if possible and if you have additional sound cards, try playing with them to see if one is better than the others wrt timing.

Good luck!

Thanks Sam for the reply.

And all the hard work you put into sonic pi.

I’ve found this thread and tired everything that was suggested to no avail.

The code snippet freezes in sonic pi. And all my old stuff freezes also.

OS: Windows 10 Home Version 21H1
CPU: Intel i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz

Wasted a lot of time trying to get sonic pi to work like it use to :frowning:

Hope one day it will work again for windows.

WOW! Last ditch effort have no, no, no clue why.

But I use to use sonic pi with a program called loopMIDI and send mid to apps like helm.

With loopMIDI off sonic pi lags crazy. And no none of my buffers and any midi stuff in it.

I turned loopMIDI back on (running while running sonic) on now magically sonic pi works again with no issue.

I have no clue why but I hope that will help someone else if they run into this issue.

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That’s the weirdest thing I’ve heard in a long while and hopefully helps illustrate how difficult it is to get software running smoothly on such a wide distribution of hardware and software configurations.

I would love to know why this fixes it and if there would be anything we could do to bypass the situation by modifying Sonic Pi in some way. I fear we’ll never know and there wouldn’t be anything we could do anyway…

Perhaps loopMIDI installs drivers on your PC to operate that somehow adds significant latency to the Windows kernel when loopMIDI isn’t running? It’s a long shot, but something strange is definitely happening here.

A useful piece of software to work with to get further information here is LatencyMon - which might be worth playing with - with and without loopMIDI and with or without any drivers that it installed (such as virtualMIDI).

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Yeah I have no clue either.
When I get time I will play LatencyMon and let you know if I find anything.

Maybe your right that loopMIDI did something with my audio drivers that I had not noticed.

But I don’t notice any other audio issues with it off.