Trying collaborative coding

I would like to try some collaborative coding.

My idea is that one person starts by writing a small piece of code as an initial idea, then send the file to the other person, who adds some code and sends it back, repeat until finished.
When the code is done, on person would do a little ‘performance’ of it, to be published.

I’m looking for people to try this with, let me know what you think.


maybe via a git repo. one musician one branch


That sounds like a really interesting idea - definitely worth trying out!

Or for a faster process, involving anyone who wants to chip in, just
post your base code on the forum, and ask for volunteers to fill it in.



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I have tried this with a friend I met on TOPLAP one time, but haven’t done anything else past that. It worked out fine though. I wish we had continued doing it.

I just came up with a little bell thing, and he just added on to it, and we swapped it back and forth.

I thought about making a collaborative repo and trying to start a collective/use it as “label” but I am still drafting plans for that. lol. I have been trialing it for releasing my albums, but I think it can be a lot more.

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I made a repo for this, currently two pices available for someone to pick up.
I’d like to do the first few pieces with just two people, to see how it works.
If you want to work on one of the pieces message me.

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