Let´s do some mini coding battles/challenges, guys!

Hi guys :slight_smile:
i am quite new on this forum, but i was making music for the last 25 years, producing LPs and livesets in various gigs…( and i am a professional programmer). i recently came across what we call “live-coding” at its best expression, i mean, starting creating on stage, from a blank editor screen ! :wink: this is insane, really! it is like a painter in front of its white board, searching deep in his heart, the best inspiration… but in sound, means in time!

Preparing all my setups, samples, sequences, synthdefs and synth params is a way to go also, but i am not so interested to challenge you on composition and music identity, even less on mute/switch phases and so on… (i dont say it is wrong, i just say that for this specific purpose, there is plenty of tools to archieve a good result… no, i am talking about brutal and straight creation process, from nothing to music performances… and i am sure some of you have done this before, and maybe they are mastering those techniques… who is in ?

Well, here i come to the real topic :slight_smile:
i want to have Coding-battles and challenges… and i want to learn more about thematic creation.
i give a shot about what i have in my mind:


  • 10 min. session per participants
  • Blank screen/buffers startup
  • No samples, only included synths
  • Any music genre/style
  • New theme will be offered before the challenge (impro)
  • Everyone is a winner!


Evaluations will be based on various factors, like:

  • Code refactoring/writing
  • Music originality/quality
  • Time and creative process*

*e.g. how long do you wait before the first sound appears (s), and how it evolves along the 10min. session :wink:

You got the principle of what we can call “live coding battle”, it is a running challenge, as well as a creative experiment… who is in ?

I think, this type of challenge needs some after-analysis from the competitors, all together, we can look at what can be done with the actual state of Spi development, what are the missing features, and so on… well, a team work, in some sort, around our dear software.

Any comments are welcome, suggestions, and more important for me, who want to give a try :wink: i am ready to challenge anyone (without pretending anything, i am kind of old kid, interested to play with some friends, playing music and have fun)

bye, i will be pleased to read from you…

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