Boss Battle - Asynchronous Jam Session (Using QY70, minilogue, Sonic Pi, and various samples)

An asynchronous jam session performed using a QY70 sequencer, minilogue, Sonic Pi, and various sound samples.

I created this as a college presentation project. I drew up a character in Photoshop and tried to lip sync it to my voice to explain the process.

The code should be pretty clear for anyone who would like to copy any elements and try them out in their own projects.

Let me know how I did so I can improve my content going forward and help people out.


absolutely superb.
really nice introduction to explain what you’re about to do…
It’s a great way of mixing a track too… love it.

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Thank you! Hopefully, I have time to make more like this in the future. I’d love to do something more in-depth like a tutorial or something.

Watching through now, and I really like the way that you’ve broken down your code. I’m thinking specifically about how you pulled out the levels and modifiers to the top. I tend to kind of keep all that stuff bunched up in the live_loops themselves, which feels more like creating the conditions for a more linear music making experience (it’s helpful when I’m trying to create a “track”), but this feels more like it leans more into the form factor of “code” as the medium.

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Thank you! That’s the great thing about code, there isn’t one way of doing things.

I really like pulling out the most common parameters and making modifiers to affect the rates of things. It can really make for impactful fast-paced structural changes within a live session.

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