TOPLAP 15th Birthday Live Coding Stream this weekend

HI Everyone,

In case you didn’t know there is an ongoing live stream this weekend in celebration of TOPLAP which is a large worldwide Live Coding community. They are celebrating their 15th anniversary this weekend with a round the clock live stream of 30 minute sets of live coding from around the world. It started today and will go through this Sunday. There are many different languages being used and several members of the Sonic PI community are taking part (myself included!!! Sunday 4:00 UTC / Saturday 23:00 EST).

Here is the link to the live stream:

Here is the lineup:

Please jump in and share if you are taking part and what time you are streaming. I know our own @ethancrawford is scheduled to go on at 8:30 UTC and @AlexandreRangel at @10:00 UTC


I’m going to have to dob @Bohrbug in too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - according to the schedule he’s playing on Feb 16th at 8pm UTC. Unfortunately that is ridiculous o’clock in the morning for me so I will be fast asleep - I’ll be watching the archived video later!

Hi @ethancrawford, watched your presentation. Great work, full of strange sounds and ideas! Would be nice if you posted the code (well, some version of it ;)) sometime. I’d really like to have a closer look at some of the sounds and the control flow. (Great that also you stayed entirely whithin SP, as far as I could tell. There are loads of sounds to discover once you start tweaking options… )

Thanks @Martin! I’m planning on putting the source up on Github tomorrow when I can extract it from my work laptop (which I used because it was more powerful than my personal one :joy:).

There ended up being a few bits of fluff in the code that I didn’t use as much as first planned. That and a bunch of it was rather unnecessarily complex as I had brought together several compositions where I had originally imagined taking several of them in directions that I never ended up taking. But the end result was still musically ok. (Except for that silly bass drum that started up and kept playing through the entire end of my set without me hearing it because of the low quality TV speakers I was connected to :roll_eyes: :rofl: )


A few days later than I had intended, but the code from my performance is now up :joy: :slightly_smiling_face: -

As it mentions, there are several bits in there that I did not use fully, mostly due to time constraints - and there are places where it could ultimately have been refactored or tidied up, but :man_shrugging: - what you see is what you got haha!

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