Perth Noizemaschin!

I may have mentioned elsewhere on here previously about Noizemaschin, not sure. Anyway, in Perth, Western Australia, there is a monthly experimental music night called Noizemaschin!!, that often has performances done with a mixture of wacky homemade instruments. (There’s been a bit of live coding introduced into the mix recently too, partly due to yours truly on Sonic Pi) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tonight is Noizemaschin’s latest event, and to start the proceedings, there are three of us folks (myself included) performing a 10 minute live coding piece each, one after the other, using various languages/tools (myself using Sonic Pi of course).

I plan to link a video of my slot (and/or of the whole evening) here eventually, for anyone who may be interested. It is possible that it may also be live streamed, starting at I think around 8:00pm WAST, and if so I’ll link to the stream here as well, for anyone who may be that keen to watch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds ace! Please do post a live stream if you wind up making one :slight_smile:

Stream will be here: hopefully it’s correct. If not, keep an eye on the Perth Artifactory or Noizemaschin YouTube channels if you want to watch…

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Incidentally, I found out that one of the other live coders tonight will also be using Sonic Pi :smile:

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Well, my bit definitely didn’t go quite to plan, but hey - practice makes perfect :joy:

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I enjoyed it! Thought it was beautiful :slight_smile:

I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing. My only wish was that the camera had been on the screen so I could see the code. Guess that makes me an algoravin’ fool!

They are aware of this, and would like to eventually make their setup flexible enough to do such things as picture-in-picture etc - just a matter of time I think :slightly_smiling_face: