Stand-alone procedural track export?

I love Sonic Pi as an instrument, and I know it’s designed with live performance in mind. Maybe that’s why the more I use it, the more I hesitate to simply export what I do in a “static” state. I guess not everyone is interested in having a piece re-composing itself every time they listen to it, but it’s something I find fascinating, so I was wondering… Is there a way to run Sonic Pi as a kind of simplified “code player” with no IDE, that could be distributed as a stand-alone, portable, executable track or album?


Fab question!

I’ve been thinking about exactly this for quite some time now. I’m working towards it slowly but surely. For example, the new state event system in v3 is part of this picture. The plan is to be able to share the history of manipulations as a serialisable and deterministically re-producible data structure. We’ll then be able to share and collaborate both on live jams but also the history of a composition.

I’ll get there, keep watching…


Awesome news, this sounds even better than what I imagined. You’re really pushing the way of making and understanding music forward :slight_smile:

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