Multiple coders run to a single audio output

Hi all,

I often use Sonic PI in educational labs with several young coders.
At the end of labs I use to encourage students to “showcase” their work to the rest of the class to improve sharing of ideas and the attitude of listening. It would be interesting if they could send their own run (i.e. the OSC messages directed to the local Supercollider server) to a Sonic PI “server” connected to a good audio reproduction system. This would also allow for a group performance in which each attendee plays one “track” of a collective composition/improvisation, in a laptop orchestra fashion.
Is there a way of getting such a setup?



Maybe this can help you : Troop. I never tested it myself but there is a Sonic-Pi mode that you can use. It’s supposed to be a live-coding server for multiple musicians and coders to play at the same time sharing a common space.

Thanks Bubo,
I’ll test it.

Yes, this is a great idea and something I’ve wanted since the very first days of working with Sonic Pi in the classroom.

Unfortunately it was never high enough on the requirement list vs things to help teach Computing and Music and I therefore never had the time to work on it.

I would still love to work on features like this, but right now I am out of funding (well, I will be in less than 2 weeks). Until that is resolved (and there’s a good chance it never will be) then it’s unlikely to happen.

Thanks to everyone supporting me on Patreon I’ve managed to save enough money to give me a few months of extra time. However, during that time I’m going to work on things that specifically attempt to raise Sonic Pi’s profile and people’s awareness of it. So I’ll be working on an EP, an intro video series and a new release focussed on accessibility.

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Did you make it?
I am interested too, Marco!