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Here’s a nice jam I recently streamed. I’m starting to feel like I’m expressing myself through the code now :slight_smile:


There’s some seriously groovy stuff here. Are the background visuals a new feature of Sonic Pi 3 or is it a custom setup?

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The background visuals were added externally with OBS which can combine the visual output of an app such as Sonic Pi with images, FX and even live video feeds from external cameras (which is how you can see my shape through all the crazy FX).

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That’s clever, I didn’t know OBS could be used for live performances, but it totally makes sense! Sounds like something I’ll have to try when I’ll find more time to play with Sonic Pi :slight_smile:

Yeah, OBS is ace. The interface is a little fiddly and takes some figuring out, but once you have, it’s super powerful to use. I’ve used it for all my live streams for the last year or so :slight_smile:

A recording of a SonicPI live jam exploring the new midi functionality. I used my Volca Keys, Volca Bass and Volca Sample for the recording.


I like where it goes into into a polyrhythm (3 over 4?) around the 36 minute mark.