SonicPI - Linux Mint 20 (not starting up)

I noticed it’s in the list of packages so i installed it (sonic-pi).
It doesn’t start in linux mint, it hangs on the splash screeen.
Any Ideas?

It’s only version 2.10…

any way you guys can update it? or release .deb files for linux?

trying to open it again gave me this:

Sonic Pi Boot Error Report


System Information

  • Sonic Pi version: 2.10.0

  • OS: Linux Mint 20.1



[GUI] - using default editor colours

[GUI] - shutting down any old audio servers...

[GUI] - starting UDP OSC Server on port 4558...

[GUI] - unable to listen to UDP OSC messages on port 4558

[GUI] - booting live coding server

[GUI] - waiting for server to boot...


[GUI] - Critical error! Could not boot server.

Server Errors


Received Exception!

Address already in use - bind(2) for "" port 4557

["/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/sonicpi/lib/sonicpi/osc/udp_server.rb:30:in `bind'", "/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/sonicpi/lib/sonicpi/osc/udp_server.rb:30:in `initialize'", "/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/bin/sonic-pi-server.rb:58:in `new'", "/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/bin/sonic-pi-server.rb:58:in `<main>'"]

/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/sonicpi/lib/sonicpi/osc/udp_server.rb:30:in `bind'

/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/sonicpi/lib/sonicpi/osc/udp_server.rb:30:in `initialize'

/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/bin/sonic-pi-server.rb:58:in `new'

/usr/lib/sonic-pi/server/bin/sonic-pi-server.rb:58:in `<main>'

Server Output


Sonic Pi server booting...

Using protocol: udp

Scsynth Output


any way you guys can update it? or release .deb files for linux?

Unfortunately not. Sonic Pi being an open source project, combined with the fact that the (small) core team are all volunteers, (besides Sam who relies purely on crowd funding and raising money through talks and performances) means that we just don’t have the resources to officially support the many Linux distributions, let alone provide versions of the app built by the core team through the official software repository channels.

Unless and until there is more help, (or an easily manageable, and foolproof method for a small team to produce and distribute a widely compatible app), Sonic Pi on Linux will remain a build-it-yourself affair. (Many folks here on the forum have had success doing just that - and the build instructions are much simpler than they used to be - so you are definitely encouraged to have a go).

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I would just add that if you have a go at building it yourself, use the latest version 3.3.1 as the build process is much easier than for previous versions. I have built it for Ubuntu 20.04 so it should be possible on Linux Mint 20 as well,

there is the doc to install from sources

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Thanks, I’ll check out building it.
I see that it uses JACK libraries, does it require an audio interface? or will a regular sound card work?

Jack will work with your internal audio card but no guaranty you will not meet latency issues. External audio card is worthy if you want to explore computer music comfortably (scarlett Focusrite )


Alternatively, you can install the version from flatpack: I’ve tested it today in a virtual machine and it worked perfectly.


I ended up trying it in windows. great work. It solved the problems that other languages have with loops and threads. It feels like the visual basic of music :slight_smile: