Sonic Pi - speaker routing


I’m a bit stuck, I have a performance on Friday and I wanted to test my audio through Sonic Pi yesterday evening. And I was unable to route the sound to all four speakers.

I’m running on a MacOs computer and using the Presonus Studio 26c.
When I route my sound with Ableton I’m able to play “mirror” output 1&2.

How do I do this with Sonic Pi ?

If you are just mirroring the sound to four speakers, then I think you can do this be creating a Multi-Output Device using Audio MIDI Setup utility (in the Applications utilites folder on your Mac).

Personally I use the excellent Loopback utility from Rogue Amoeba | Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing It has a free trial (adds white noise after 20 min session). It is expensive to buy but is great at routing inputs and outputs on a Mac.

If you want distinct audio outputs from Sonic Pi on a Mac you have to configure this in the .sonic-pi/config/audio-settings.toml file (I have mine set for 6 outputs (3 stereo pairs).
You obviously need hardware output devices to handle this.

You need to use a with_fx :sound_out_stereo wrapper around the audio which is to be routed to a separate output device than the default.

(As an aside input and output routing using pipewire on linux makes all i/o routing very easy on the latest distro eg debian bookworm or ubuntu 23.10 running SonicPi 4.5)