My experience audio routing on Windows

So I’ve noticed this is an issue that has come up a few times. I’m not 100% sure the setup I have now is the best but I’m hoping that documenting what worked for me will be helpful for others.

The setup I have right now does the following:

  • Sonic Pi sends midi signals to vital synth
  • Vital sends audio to Sonic Pi (and does not send any sound to computer speaker)
  • Sonic Pi sends sound to computer speakers

What worked for me

  1. Install VoiceMeeter
  2. Restart computer
  3. Start VoiceMeeter
  4. Open ‘Sound mixer options’, which you can find by searching it in the start bar
  5. Set the default output to ‘Speakers / Headphones’ and default input as ‘VoiceMeeter Output’

  6. Open Vital and Sonic Pi
  7. Set the audio output in Vital to ‘VoiceMeeter Input’ (you can find the settings by clicking the Vital logo)

  8. Send midi and receive audio in sonic pi (note: I used loopMIDI for midi routing)
live_loop :vital do
  midi :c, sustain: 0.5, port: "vital"
  sleep 1
  midi :e, sustain: 0.75, port: "vital"
  sleep 1

live_audio :vital, input: 1

Note that VoiceMeeter only has on virtual input/output as far as I can tell, but it seems that the same company have other programs that have more than one input if that is something you need.

What didn’t work for me

  • Leaving the output & input as default in the Windows mixer. With the output as default sonic pi’s audio went through VoiceMeeter. With the input left as default I couldn’t find the right input channel in Sonic Pi.
  • Jack. I tried for ages to get it to work yesterday, including installing ASIO4ALL and Synchronous Audio Router. Technically the jack program was running, with both default windows sound and ASIO4ALL, but I couldn’t manage to do any routing.

This looks useful. Can I ask why you want to route the audio through SPi, is it so you can use ASIO?

So I can apply FX to the audio in Sonic Pi

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It’s funny cause i tried voicemeeter two days ago and managed to get sonic pi sound but a very very weak volume. I will try tomorrow.
As far as audio routing on windows is concerned, is there somebody using this tool :
it seems to be a very good software but maybe a bit tough to understand.

It will probably just go over my head then, I was pretty confused most of the time that I was trying to figure out the Jack and ASIO4ALL stuff :sweat_smile:

I’ll just use VoiceMeeter for now. I’ll look at the other stuff again if I’m affected by any limitations it might have.

About routing audio on windows

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