Help with audio routing?

Specifically I am trying to, using Windows, route audio from Sonic Pi into separate channels in Ableton Live using the with_fx: sound_out, ouputs command.

I have a friend who, on Mac, is able to achieve this using the Pass-Thru function of Loopback to create a sort of virtual soundcard to be read by Logic, but I’ve been unable to find a working application for Windows… Does anyone have any ideas?


It may be possible to achieve this with some sort of virtual routing similar to the Loopback solution on macOS that you describe. However, this isn’t something I’m familiar with.

Another approach would be to use a sound card with multiple input/output channels. Use the :sound_out FX to output to the soundcard and then hard wire the out channel to an in channel which you could then access via Ableton.

I’d love to hear of other solutions though…

This might also help:

Awesome yeah an actual hardware alternative could actually be very cool, but would be interesting to get it to work virtually as well.

Thanks Sam, yeah I’ve had a read through that link and tried out both Voicemeeter and Jack Audio Connection but was unable to get them to function in the way I needed for this.


Maybe this post could help you. How to use live_audio with virtual audio device on Windows 10

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