Outputting sound to Ableton

I’ve been trying to use the sound_out effect to send the audio to Ableton to do some Ableton effects, but I can’t seem to get any signal into Ableton and I’m not really sure where to start. I’ve tried setting the output to 1 or 2 but that just sends it to one speaker, and I get no signal in Ableton’s input 1 or 2.

Anyone know how to integrate Sonic Pi with Ableton? Thanks

Hi @TuddlesT.
You have to use a program like blackhole or Loopback to be able to have internal audio channels to Ableton… Then you have to set the input in the audio preferences of Ableton to that virtual soundcard… https://github.com/ExistentialAudio/BlackHole
What O.S. are you using?

Thanks! I am using Windows so I assume BlackHole won’t work, any Windows recommendations?

I’ve not had much luck with virtual audio devices on Windows - although I do believe it’s possible. My approach for this kind of stuff is to use two sound cards and feed the output of one into the input of the other.

On macOS Loopback is a little bit pricey - but totally amazing and works like a charm.

I think Voicemeeter is one that could work for you. I don’t use Windows but principles are pretty much the same.

And this Ableton help file on routing.

Hope that helps.

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Hi @TuddlesT
I use Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) and it has worked well for me on windows.

In my case I used it to route the Spotify output to Jriver so I could apply some VST plugins.

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I’m using VB audio cable input. In this website there is also another program named “Hi-Fi cable input” but it doesnt work well or I use that wrong way. So I recommended VB Cable Input definitely.