Routing Blackhole | Sonic PI to Ableton

Hi, I just recently discovered Blackhole and I think it’s a wonderful alternative to Loopback which is pretty expensive when you’re just trying things out.

Currently, I’m unable to route sonic pi audio to Ableton for a multitrack recording
Could anybody help me to achieve this step by step?

Working on MacOs m1 with Ableton Live 11 and the latest version of Sonic Pi.

Not sure what you’ve done so far but have you set Blackhole as your main output device? SPi defaults to this setting.

I don’t use Blackhole but, instead used iShowU Audio Capture, and could send the audio to Ableton from SPi, so can’t be that much different for you. I’ve not used multichannel but I imagine you’ve looked at tutorial section 13.

Hope some of this helps. Otherwise perhaps post some code and a bit more detail on what you’ve done so far.

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Hi, I also have IshowU audio capture coincidentally on my mac.

Would you mind explaining with an example on how to fix this?

Kindes regards!

Sure, happy to do this.

In your system audio select iShowU Audio Capture:

Then open Sonic Pi.

Open Ableton and set your Audio Input device to iShowU:

Finally set your incoming audio channel to monitor in:

Then all should work as per this little vid.

Let me know if there’s anything else. Blackhole will just be a multi-channel version of iShowU. Should be the same steps. The important point is ensuring that Blackhole is selected before you open Sonic Pi.

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