Sonic Pi Live perform Underground Music In Bangkok

Hello everyone
i’m sonic pi user and sound artist base in bangkok Thailand
This video perform sonic pi duet with my freind F-

i’m use sonic pi to perform danger music and complex drum pattern you can see

Thx you

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Wow, expressive and powerful.
Great update on my image of Thailand, a country I’ve never been.

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It’s great to see Sonic Pi used in Thailand and also great to see it used for a completely different style of music than that which has typically been shared here.

Great work!

Given that this isn’t (yet) a common style of sound associated with Sonic Pi - I’m really interested to know which features you use the most. I’m also very interested to know if anything is holding you back from being even more expressive in this genre. Are there any things you’d like to see added to Sonic Pi that would improve your expressivity?

Keep rocking out!

Hi @boxer32,

I find the whole performance strangely fascinating as well as the fact that you are using Sonic Pi to provide a noise basis. Keep on posting those kinds of performances!

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