Sonic Pi 3.2.2 deb file for Ubuntu 20.04

Similar to the .deb file I have released for the Raspberry Pi, I have now produced a binary deb file for the Ubuntu 20.04 distribution. Note this will NOT be suitable for Ubuntu 18.04 which does not support directly some of the necessary packages. Likewise, it is doubtful if it will work on other linux packages.
You will need to make sure your sound system is set up for use with jackd. I also install qjackctl which is a quick and easy way to configure it.

You can download it from here together with install/uninstall details. I am happy to field questions about installing it, but problems with Sonic Pi itself should be raised in the usual ways on github or here. Thanks to my two testers for trying it out on their machines.


Hello, I installed it two days ago, but I didn’t want to write before.
In principle no problem, although I only did tests of the part that has given more difficulties, the sending of midi signals, and that does it perfectly.

Thanks for the job

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Great news. Gald it works OK for you.

Running Budgie 19.10 (Ubuntu core) with Supercollider already installed (for Tidalcycles) . I already have jackd installed and would not expect to run any other apps that require jack at the same time as SonicPi. Budgie version 20.04 is our imminently. Sounds like I should wait for that. Thanks for any suggestions.


Hi @tomkarches,

Oh ! another ubuntu distribution :slight_smile:
Is it made / maintained by DigitalOcean or not ?
Otherwise, I don’t understand your question. But not sure the “Robin” package would work on this savor.
You can try and then give us here some feedbacks.

But why have you chosen this savor ? For the Desktop environnement ?

Article about the relationship between Budgie and Digital Ocean.

I became familiar with this distribution when I started to run VCV Rack and was looking for something with low overhead, so I could treat the computer more like an appliance, keep things simple. Budgie is the desktop environment. I have been very pleased with the performance.

I will try out the Robin package.


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I installed Ubuntu 20.04 Budgie as a virtual machine and installed my Sonic Pi ubuntu deb on it and it worked fine.

so it’s not surprising that it works ! @robin.newman

I add that your deb package works fine as you know on ubuntustudio 20.04.

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You rock again! thank you :boom:

Hi, thanks.
after installation when i try to run software sonic-pi does not running:
I’m on ubuntu studio 20.04

Try launching QjackCtl and checking that it connects OK to your soundcard. Leave it running and then start Sonic Pi and see if that works.

Hi robin thanks!
qjackctl is runing still the same problem…

Hi @Chip_luxury_E.W.A

In ubuntu Studio, you have to use the tool made for. (i can’t remember the name right now but you will find)
What is your audio card ? Have you an usb external card or only the internal audio card ?

Hi @nlb thanks!
What do you mean “use the tool made for”, tool made for what?
If i understand you meant for ubuntu studio control? this is an audio setup utility… it using jack…
My audio card is native instruments audio 8 dj, as you can see in the pic
I didn’t try on the internal sound-card, I will check this!
I have another ssd with regular ubuntu on it and it works fine when QjackCTL is runing on internal sound card… (didn’t check audio8dj, will do…


Yes the ubuntu studio tool is using Jack, no doubt about this :expressionless:. So the second tab should show you the USB audio card you want to use. Can you send a screenshot ?

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@nlb it says “no usb master” and the drop list does not contain anything

can you try to see if you see your audio card in the extra device tab ? A screenshot is welcome
Does pulse audio work ? youtube works ? vlc works ?
Have you tried on other ubuntu flavour ?

Edit : some google result : Problems with Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ on Linux - #2 by Jukeboxhero - Help & Support - Mixxx

Thanx for the deb File … I have just installed it on a new Ubuntu20.04 installation, but it doesn’t want to run … Errors while starting the server …
Bildschirmfoto vom 2021-05-19 18-23-00|598x499

Do you or anybody out here know how to fix this

Try the later version 3.3.1 here

hi, i just install that in my ubuntu studio 21.04. but it won’t running and got a crash. is there any solution for this? or maybe this is not suitable in my os? thank you before