Binary deb for Ubuntu 20.04 AND 20.1 for SP 3.3.1

I have created a binary deb file for Sonic Pi 3.3.1 specifically for Ubuntu 20.04 (amd64) . It may well work on closely related Linux OS, but this has not been tested.
Like the Raspberry Pi installation, it is built assuming that pulseaudio is installed (as is the case for a standard Ubuntu 20.04 desktop install), and by default will use this for selecting the output audio path, using the Ubuntu sound tab in the settings module. However the internal workings of Sonic Pi remain based on Jack, and, provided that you select a sound output device that is NOT currently the default pulseaudio output device, you can start Jack using the QjackCtl interface, and configure your device for optimum sample rate, and latency, and use it as for previous versions if you need better performance.
I have tested the installation fairly throughly on a virtual Ubuntu machine, and it has worked well.
Some release notes are included with the download. Please read them before use, particularly noting the need to add your ubuntu username to the audio group as detailed.

The download link is here

EDIT just tested it on Ubuntu 20.1 and it runs there as well!


Thanks so much for this Robin! Without your work support for Raspberry Pi would very much not be where it is today.