Something about a yamaha steinberg driver?

I tried opening the program the other night and was prompted with a window requiring this driver (I don’t remember exactly what it said) and clicked okay and it has not opened for me since. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it and same problem occurred. This happen to anyone else recently? I think I lost a fair amount of work because of it.


Hi @whats_a_cormac,

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Sounds, as if you have/had a Steinberg USB Audio Interface in use. You could try and install an appropriate driver for the device. Otherwise I reckon your system tries to use this device but it is not the correct soundcard and/or not available. But this is just guessing.

Probably it is a good idea to post some more information about what OS you are using; also you should have a look at the log files and post what’s in there. On Windows you will find the .sonic-pi/log somewhere here:

  • Windows: C:\Users[username]\AppData.sonic-pi\log
  • Windows: C:\Benutzer[username].sonic-pi\log

On Linux it is in you home folder and on Mac OSX I don’t know right now (could be: /Users/[username]/.sonic-pi).

Also it is quite a good idea to delete this folder alltogether. Maybe your preferences for Sonic Pi are somehow messed up. It will be recreated on next start of Sonic Pi.

Hope this helps a bit…

I would caution against this if there was ‘a fair amount of work’ that had been done already in Sonic Pi as @whats_a_cormac mentions, and if this is something that they do not want to lose?
At the very least, I would find .sonic-pi\store and move or copy that to a separate location before deleting .sonic-pi, as store contains the git repository that stores all the code compositions that have been run in Sonic Pi. Then if .sonic-pi is deleted, when it is recreated, the store folder we preserved can be moved/copied back in.

Oh, yes!! I should have read more carefully. That is entirely true, @ethancrawford. Always a good idea to make a backup. Which means on the other hand: Having a look at the .sonic-pi folder might be a chance to revocer what currently seems to be lost.