Right Channel Static Only; Left Channel Good

New Laptop Windows 10 up to date on updates and drivers, using Sonic-Pi version 3.2.2 have deleted and reinstalled . I can start pc and play from a music playlist and all is fine in both channels. Then close music start Sonic-Pi and right channel static even with something as simple as play 60 left channel fine right static. After that static is all i get from right channel no matter what sound source I use. Then for some unknown everything is fine except Sonic-Pi again

Turn on yourself quicker and you will get stereo Bro :relaxed:

@Grandma - if you can, I would suggest opening a new issue on Sonic Pi’s GitHub page,

…so that we can track that as a potential issue to fix if there’s something we can do about it.

For troubleshooting this, it might be helpful if after running Sonic Pi and seeing this issue happen, you close Sonic Pi, find the Sonic Pi log files (usually in C:\Users[You].sonic-pi\log) and paste their contents into the GitHub issue. Though I’m not super confident about it, it may give us some kind of clue about the cause.


Maybe a material issue from your speakers wire. Can you shake it and check it. Tell us

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Agreed, it might also be worth checking whether it’s something like a speaker issue, just to rule things out.

I do believe i discovered the cause of the problem started at properties(speakers) went to additional properties finally into advanced and selected restore defaults apply ok and so far nothing has gone wrong i hope this was the cure


Glad to hear it! Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

i will give the solution a few weeks to determine if it returns (i hope no return