Shortcut for block of live_loop and with_fx

hi everyone (and sorry for the engrish! can´t remember past and future words anymore! huehuehu)

…coding alien music from brasil!!!

for now i have one ‘simple’ question…
whatching some sonic pi live coding on youtube
i see sam aaron do a trick…
he code : “ll bd” and get a F****** WHOLE BLOCK OF live_loop, IWHT A KICK!!..
niiiiiceeeee!!! good stuff!! i see that with “with_fx” block too!

i really want to know that shortcut, or whatever it is…
but till now i cannot find it.
hey sam aaron, can u help us??? hahaha
someone?? please°

Hey there @lao.
What you are noticing is the ‘text snippets’ feature. (Pardon me if you already know what text snippets are, but they are basically shortcuts for predefined sections of text as you observed).
The Sonic Pi snippets feature has not yet been officially documented and is not yet officially supported - Even so, you may find the related Github issue of interest:

There are a few snippets that are built in to Sonic Pi, but as mentioned they are not documented or officially supported etc. However, they are visible in the Sonic Pi Github repository: see


no, i did not know that, Thank you very much, it is working

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And how do them work? Is enough to write ll + enter?

Hey @paubarrina - currently the Tab key triggers the snippet completion :slight_smile:

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