Snippet function not works

I followed steps on
but still no snippets pop up when coding
os windows


after I run the code,the log shows:

=> Starting run 7

=> Loading snippet bg1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/backgrounds/background1.sps

=> Loading snippet bg2 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/backgrounds/background2.sps

=> Loading snippet bg sof in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/backgrounds/bg_sof.sps

=> Loading snippet bg sofll in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/backgrounds/bg_sofll.sps

=> Loading snippet bpm96 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/bpm/bpm96.sps

=> Loading snippet bpm list in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/bpm/bpm_list.sps

=> Loading snippet desc fm in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/desc_fm.sps

=> Loading snippet desc strategy in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/desc_strategy.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 0 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_0.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_1.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 2 a in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_2_a.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 2 b in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_2_b.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 2 c in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_2_c.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 3 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_3.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 3 bit in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_3_bit.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 4 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_4.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 5 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_5.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 5 a in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_5_a.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 6 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_6.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 6 a in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_6_a.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 7 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_7.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 7 a in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_fac_7_a.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str 0 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_0.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str 1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_1.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str 2 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_2.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str 3a in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_3a.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str 3b in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_3b.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str 4 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_4.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str 5 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_5.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str a in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_a.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str list in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_list.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str s0 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_s0.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str s1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_s1.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str s2 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_s2.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str s3 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_s3.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str s4 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_s4.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str s5 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_s5.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk 1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_1.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk 2 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_2.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk 3 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_3.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk 4 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_4.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk 5 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_5.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk a in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_a.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk b in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_b.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk c in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_c.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk d in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_d.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk e in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_e.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk f in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_f.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk g in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_g.sps

=> Loading snippet dp str trk i in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/dp/dp_str_trk_i.sps

=> Loading snippet ex1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/examples/example1.sps

=> Loading snippet ex2 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/examples/example2.sps

=> Loading snippet fx b in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/fx/bitcrusher.sps

=> Loading snippet fx d in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/fx/distortions.sps

=> Loading snippet fx f in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/fx/flanger.sps

=> Loading snippet fx it in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/fx/ixi_techno.sps

=> Loading snippet fx r in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/fx/reverb.sps

=> Loading snippet fx w in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/fx/wobble.sps

=> Loading snippet fx r in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/fx_reverb.sps

=> Loading snippet ll in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/live_loop/ll.sps

=> Loading snippet ll dnb brk in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/live_loop/ll_dnb_brk.sps

=> Loading snippet ll dnb la in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/live_loop/ll_dnb_la.sps

=> Loading snippet ll metro in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/live_loop/ll_metro.sps

=> Loading snippet lp in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/loop/lp.sps

=> Loading snippet mel cdur in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_cdur.sps

=> Loading snippet mel cdurll in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_cdurll.sps

=> Loading snippet mel cj in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_cj.sps

=> Loading snippet mel cjll in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_cjll.sps

=> Loading snippet mel list in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_list.sps

=> Loading snippet mel nem in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_nem.sps

=> Loading snippet mel nemll in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_nemll.sps

=> Loading snippet mel scom in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_scom.sps

=> Loading snippet mel scomll in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_scomll.sps

=> Loading snippet mel sof in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_soy.sps

=> Loading snippet mel sofll in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/melodies/mel_soyll.sps

=> Loading snippet rg0 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/rgw2016/rg00.sps

=> Loading snippet rg1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/rgw2016/rg01.sps

=> Loading snippet rg2 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/rgw2016/rg02.sps

=> Loading snippet rg3 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/rgw2016/rg03.sps

=> Loading snippet rg4 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/rgw2016/rg04.sps

=> Loading snippet rg5 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/rgw2016/rg05.sps

=> Loading snippet rg99 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/rgw2016/rg99.sps

=> Loading snippet smp in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/samples/smp.sps

=> Loading snippet smp la in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/samples/smp_la.sps

=> Loading snippet smp list in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/samples/smp_list.sps

=> Loading snippet 16t in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/16_times.sps

=> Loading snippet adsr in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/adsr.sps

=> Loading snippet amp1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/amp1.sps

=> Loading snippet amp2 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/amp2.sps

=> Loading snippet do in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/do.sps

=> Loading snippet pl in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/play.sps

=> Loading snippet ppt in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/play_pattern_timed.sps

=> Loading snippet rr in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/random.sps

=> Loading snippet ssd in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/sleep-for-sample-duration.sps

=> Loading snippet sl1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/sleep1.sps

=> Loading snippet sln in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/sleep_n.sps

=> Loading snippet ub in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/use_bpm.sps

=> Loading snippet urs in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/use_random_seed.sps

=> Loading snippet usyn in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/syntax/use_synth.sps

=> Loading snippet us p in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/synth/piano.sps

=> Loading snippet us tb in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/synth/tb303.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 8 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/temp/dp_fac_8.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 9 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/temp/dp_fac_9.sps

=> Loading snippet dp fac 9 a in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/temp/dp_fac_9_a.sps

=> Loading snippet 24h in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tunes/24hours.sps

=> Loading snippet ambient in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tunes/ambient.sps

=> Loading snippet dub techno in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tunes/dub_techno.sps

=> Loading snippet mario in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tunes/mario.sps

=> Loading snippet panie janie in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tunes/panie_janie.sps

=> Loading snippet tut0 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut00.sps

=> Loading snippet tut1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut01.sps

=> Loading snippet tut2 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut02.sps

=> Loading snippet tut3 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut03.sps

=> Loading snippet tut4 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut04.sps

=> Loading snippet tut5 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut05.sps

=> Loading snippet tut6 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut06.sps

=> Loading snippet tut7 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut07.sps

=> Loading snippet tut8 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut08.sps

=> Loading snippet tut9 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut09.sps

=> Loading snippet tut10 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut10.sps

=> Loading snippet tut11 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut11.sps

=> Loading snippet tut12 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut12.sps

=> Loading snippet tut13 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut13.sps

=> Loading snippet tut14 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut14.sps

=> Loading snippet tut15 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut15.sps

=> Loading snippet tut rgw in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/tutorial/tut_rgw.sps

=> Loading snippet voc taratum in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/vocals/voc_taratum.sps

=> Loading snippet vol05 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/volume/vol05.sps

=> Loading snippet vol1 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/volume/vol1.sps

=> Loading snippet vol2 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/volume/vol2.sps

=> Loading snippet vol3 in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/volume/vol3.sps

=> Loading snippet wall nc in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/wallpapers/wall_nc.sps

=> Loading snippet wrug in C:/sonic-pi-snippets-master/wrug/wrug.sps

=> Completed run 7

=> All runs completed

=> Pausing SuperCollider Audio Server

Hi @zzm88,

Are you willing to share the contents of one of the snippet files?

hi @ethancrawford, here is the snippets I clone from github

Interesting, not sure why it wouldn’t work. I’ve downloaded the above snippets, opened Sonic Pi, run the code, see the above loading comments in the log, and when I type one of the snippet keys (eg bg1) and press tab, the correct snippet loads :man_shrugging:
What version of Sonic Pi, and of Windows are you running?

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wow, you are right! since nothing shows when I type in the keywords, I didn’t know I have to press “TAB”…now it works like a charm, THANKS!


You’re welcome, glad it’s working :smile:

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