Code snippets for faster code writing


In the current state of Sonic Pi, is it possible to create custom code snippets ? I know that I may be able to
do that in my favorite text editor, but by doing so, I would loose the built-in functionalities of Sonic Pi (the help showing up with C-i, etc…).

Or, even better, do you know if some plugin would allow me to play for instance in Emacs, Atom or Visual Code Studio, with the built-in help showing up on the press of a key ?

Thanks for your help,
I’m coming back to Sonic Pi after a long computer adventure, and it feels good!

Hi @Bubo,

there’s no official support for snippet yet but there is an unofficial way of doing it that definitely works now, although may change in the future once I figure out how to make it super simple to operate.

However, if you’re already into Emacs or Atom, you’ll likely find it intuitive even at this raw level.

For more info see:

Thank you very much. This is what I was looking for !