Library for published snippets?

Hi all, I’m super interested in SonicPi,

I’m interested in exploring procedurally generated music with interaction through OSC into things like lightform (AR projector)

I’m decent at software development but not with coming up with my own beats and melodies.

What I would love is some sort of online platform to publish snippets to with tags/categories

these snippets can then be pulled directly into code by tags and other queries criteria, and played with. allowing people to play with and pubclih beats, melodies, mixes.

so first I’m wondering if this exists.

second I’m wondering how interested people would be in using it if I created it.

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Let’s go ahead :slight_smile:

There is no central/official thing like this, though it has been on the wishlist for a while. (As seen on Sam’s Patreon page: “A code sharing platform”).

Also, FYI - we’ve been cautious about the idea of building something that directly allows ‘importing’ code straight from the Internet, given the obvious security risks. Perhaps there may be a suitable alternative, but it hasn’t been high in our priorities for a while.

As an ordinary ‘repository’ though, sure, sounds fine to me! (@samaaron or others may have more comments :slight_smile: )