Sonic Pi in a web browser


hello, I am approaching sonic pi from a programming background and a basic love for raspberry pi.

I have been searching relentlessly the past few days. I am trying to find a solution that would allow people to collaboratively program music on a website.
I came up with this:
which is just hosted on my raspberry pi at home.
everything is done server side so the music takes time to catch up and be streamed to your browser. be patient.

I would love to see this project go as far as to have an online interpreter with autocomplete for sonic pi that allows people (students and kids) to program together from a web browser.

I know there are probably projects like this. Anybody know of them?



also it would be cool to see the ability to import samples from online


Take a look at gibber:, or EarSketch:


Wow Sam Aaron replied to me! I have actually looked at those options. Are the sounds executed on the server side or browser side? Are they as feature rich as sonic-pi?


As far as I understand, they both use Web Audio for their sound production and therefore generate their sound in the browser. As for features, there’s likely to be things they can do that Sonic Pi can’t and visa versa. It all really depends on your musical goals :slight_smile:

I’d experiment with them both and see what you think.