Running Sonic Pi on the web

Is there a way to run Sonic Pi on the web in the form of a Javascript or webassembly library/SDK instead of Win/Mac/Raspberry/Linux? This would be awesome to integrate into other apps and therefore expand the reach of creative things which can be done.

One example is that I’d like to experiment in our app with offering a more flexible meditation experience by combining voice samples, ambient sounds, bells and silences of varying durations. As we are expanding into music too, such an SDK would allow to experiment with plenty of other ideas.

Thanks for all the work!

No, sorry - if you were to try this, the first thing to do would be to port SuperCollider which I’m pretty sure is no insignificant task. However, it would be an amazing thing to see happen :slight_smile:

Thanks, good to know. Maybe in the future :wink:

do you know what might be current roadblocks preventing that from coming about? i had noticed a few projects that looked like they were bringing different audio synthesis ideas to web form:

while i basically understand webassembly (more from the perspective of people putting up games and graphics demos, using emscripten), i found it a little hard to keep up with some of the discussions that seemed to center around threads, or lack of threads, and some other things that i guess webassembly doesn’t have, that keep other things from being ported over.

i kind of lack the computer science background to really understand the details, but i guess i was just trying to get a sense for the general timeline of different barriers being removed, and what kind of things need to get done to allow some of the projects to have a web version

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Would this be relevant?

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I had the same question and found this thread. FYI, looks like some progress is being made on compiling SuperCollider to WASM:

Sonic Pi running fully in the browser would unlock a lot of Education scenarios I would think.

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