Code Sonic Pi in a browser?

Hi there, I’m an educator that teachers online workshops with youth. A few of our regular participants have been getting into creating music, so we’re planning to run a Sonic Pi course.

Since some of these youth’s only device is a Chromebook provided by their school, I’m wondering if there’s any way to use Sonic Pi in a web browser? I saw a thread of other educators having some success by installing Linux on their Chromebooks, but the youth in our course won’t have permission to do that (school IT has the devices pretty restricted).

We regularly use for our coding courses and I know it can run Ruby, but unfortunately I don’t know the language super well. Anyone know if it’d be possible to use Sonic Pi with an online code editor or another way in a browser?

Until Dr . AAron decides to become truly immortal by developing a cloud based Sonic Pi , … : )
You might look at this ,

Thanks for both of your suggestions! We’ll definitely take a better look at them and see if they’d fit with our workshops.

I should have clarified a bit, that since most of the youth will be able to download and install Sonic Pi just fine we’re hoping to find a way for the few with Chromebooks to be able to follow along with an online version.

But, knowing there are some other browser-based tools, we might just shift gears and focus entirely on one of them :thinking: (please don’t kick me off of here for saying that forum gods!)

I’d also like to have a browser accesible version of sonic pi (district has similar limitations). If I’m remebering correctly sonic pi is mostly a website just packaged in an app (via a webview) that runs the servers need in the background with a lot of c++ glue for the app. You might be able to figure out a way to extract the html part and write a js bridge to the server.

The easier way would be to install sonic pi on something like Gitpod or CodeSandbox and then just use something noVNC to access it online.