Sonic pi collaborative website

I am working on a website that incorporates sonic pi and allows people to collaboratively work on sonic pi code.

I have what may be a simple question for some of you:
How do I get the logs/output from sonic pi? I want to send it to the website in text/json format.


here is the website btw:

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Some other features I would like to add to the site

  1. Simple user login
  2. real time updating of the songs
  3. rating system for songs based on previous posts
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hi dave
Thx a lot for your work! unfortunately i got a “Error” after the login page. is there something i should know?

Hello Dietz,

Thanks for your feedback. let me know if its working now. Lots of changes made recently.

EDIT: in case it wasnt clear you need to register first

Registration does not works it seems…
If I enter my mail it results in " That’s not a valid Email"


it seems it is not working sometimes. I just tried with "" and it let me register. Perhaps you can try without an email.