Customizing Shortcut

Wondering why it is not possible to perform typical code editor shortcuts? A few examples I am pulling from something like sublime text or vscode.

  • Move line down (e.g. cmd + down_arrow)
  • Duplicate Line Down (e.g. cmd + shift + down_arrow)
  • Cut a Line / Paste a whole line (e.x. cmd + x, will ‘cut’ a line)
  • Normal End of line navigation with CMD + arrow keys
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Have a look at sections B.1 and B.2 of the Tutorial in the Help section to see the shortcuts that are built in to Sonic Pi.

@vncnt: I am also currently in the process of making changes that would allow people to choose between the default Sonic Pi keyboard shortcuts, or those more typical of the current platform they are on (macOS/Windows/Linux etc). No firm timeline yet as to when this would be ready, but it would be nice if I manage to get this into the next release.


Are you saying that one would be able to make custom shortcuts? @ethancrawford

Software is great, but curious why there are not more shortcuts? Code snippets, etc.

My change will allow choosing between several predefined schemes based on the major platforms. Custom shortcuts are something that Sam may introduce at some point later.

There is in fact a simple code snippet feature in Sonic Pi, but it is undocumented. See Code snippets for faster code writing for related comments.

Sweet thanks. Will sublime text be included? And how can I follow along when there is an update? or when should I look for the change?

Well, it was based on the OS defaults - so if Sublime follows that enough, then sure :man_shrugging:

There is no organised scheme for announcing things or posting updates etc. It’s possible that someone could post here on in_thread to announce it :man_shrugging: At the moment it would be that when my change was ready it would just wait for Sam to be ready to merge in, at which point it would be available on the master branch for anyone to download/clone and build themselves. The changelog would also be updated ready for the next official release. (Sam usually announces releases through twitter at least).

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I just started learning Sonic Pi, but everytime I try to use a default windows shorcut (select all, delete word, etc.) I’m frustrated.

@ethancrawford I hope your development is going well :slight_smile:

I just wanted to bring this to your attention again. I’m a new Sonic Pi user, and I find it very very frustrating to use.
I use mainly windows, and sometimes macs, but whenever I use macs I don’t find it hard to switch to using the command key instead of the control, but on this windows machine it feels very uncomfortable to do so.

A suggestions: Add both control & meta whenever possible, for example the commenting shortcut could be both C-/ and M-/

And really, custom shortcuts would be amazing. I understand this is boring to implement, and I understand your ideal of ‘every instrument will feel the same’, but I enjoy fine-tuning instruments to my preferences, and with software even more so.

I want to love this stuff badly, but it feels very clunky to get used to the shortcuts!