Basic and generic shortcut settings


I’ve used computers and software for 18 years now.
In these 18 years, every program I’ve come across
had these 2 shortcuts in common:

#1 Ctrl + A = select everything.
#2 Ctrl + S = save the project.

I’ve seen threads from back in 2019
about customizing shortcuts and whatnot.
But I’d be more happy with generic shortcuts.

When I look at the changelogs from 2019 - 2023
I see a lot of documentation that has been fixed.

And I begin to wonder… is there a reason that of all
these thousands of programs use the same generic
shortcut, except Sonic Pi?

The original motivation is described in section B-1 of the the tutorial:

Consistency across Platforms

Imagine you’re learning the clarinet. You’d expect all clarinets of all makes to have similar controls and fingerings. If they didn’t, you’d have a tough time switching between different clarinets and you’d be stuck to using just one make.

Unfortunately the three major operating systems (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows) come with their own standard defaults for actions such as cut and paste etc. Sonic Pi will try and honour these standards. However priority is placed on consistency across platforms within Sonic Pi rather than attempting to conform to a given platform’s standards. This means that when you learn the shortcuts whilst playing with Sonic Pi on your Raspberry Pi, you can move to the Mac or PC and feel right at home.

I do believe that the would be a huge benefit from being able to switch between Sonic Pi’s default shortcuts (as they currently are in the app) and OS-specific defaults like the ones you’re describing for Windows. However, it’s not something I have the motivation to work on at this stage - but I would be happy to consider pull requests from someone willing to get into the Qt/C++ codebase and abstract all the hard-coded shortcuts out.

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I see. I almost dreaded this answer. I did the RTFM part, but I read it too quickly.

In my mind, this is an easy issue. But I am looking at this from an end-user perspective.
I know problems are either underestimated or overestimated.

I tried googling how I’d be able to access the source code but I don’t get how I can modify that database.

Btw. it’s awesome to see a response from the creator himself.
Didn’t expect that. I especially love the ability to make the UI
transparent. Gives me Vista vibes. I also added some translations.

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Apologies - I wish I could just click my fingers and make it happen, but it’s sadly not that simple. Hopefully somebody will step up to help out here.

Glad you’re enjoying the GUI and the transparency function - that’s mainly for letting people run visualisers behind the code. Thanks also for your help with the translation work - that’s so valuable and hugely helpful. Hugs!

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