Sonic Pi Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Hi! I am new to the Sonic Pi community and really want to get involved! Lets create a new digital culture through our music :slight_smile:

I have made a Keyboard shortcut cheatsheet on Cheatography and would appreciate some feedback
I found a previous post on this forum but it would appear the owner placed the pdf into the trash of his drive and I think the theme could also be optimized. I have been able to test these on a Windows 10 machine and would be glad to receive all feedback from other OS and anything I may have missed.
You can also download as a pdf from the site and I am including version numbers on the doc so we can edit and make improvements as we go along

Known issues:
On windows, the M-< and M-> functions do not work as intended


Good work but strange to choose the symbol - between keys.
The rule is more to use a + symbol no ? Crtl + a as example.
This is how most of software indicates shortcuts as sonic pi does in its interface.

@nlb Hi :slight_smile:
I considered changing it to a + however I strove for consistency with the original documentation

hi @444B

Ah youโ€™re right so the doc seems to have adopt the linux way :slight_smile: i.e. Vim: undo.txt

So itโ€™s up to you :slight_smile:

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