Route Sonic Pi -> DAW

Hi guys!! :grinning:, im pretty new to the community and i enjoy every time i play with sound and math.

I had been using FL Studio to produce some tracks but its kinda boring and i ended up with the same producction structure every time. I came across Sonic Pi and i love the sort of controlled caos u can create with sounds. In a perfect world i would like to have the pinpoint accuracy in sculping sounds of FL Studio and the variation and randomness that Sonic Pi can offer.

My Question is, Its possible to route the sounds of Sonic Pi into a DAW (FL Studio) mixer channel, so i can edit in real time?

SONIC PI -> DAW (FL Studio)

My only solution is to export it every time but that doesnt sound fun!.:rofl:

English is not my native language sorry

Hi @FractalMusic,

does not seem to be a problem - though I only know how to achieve that working with Linux. Should definitely be possible on Windows or OSX. Have a look at with_fx :sound_out_stereo and the following posting:

Hope that helps a bit.


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Thanks @Martin

Im reading and processing your post thanks for the reply. I will try with ReWire in the case of FL Studio and Windows iยดll leave this thread for my futher discoverings in the sonic pi world :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Hi @FractalMusic,

you are welcome. And yes, good idea to collect your findings here for other looking for the same or similar thing.