Sonic Pi as "DAW"

Hi there,it’s a couple months since my last post.

I’ve been using Sonic Pi in my productions since then,

mainly to generate loops. Thinking on loops i found some

useful apps that can integrates with Sonic Pi perfectly well :

  • Mobius a programmable looper,that has 8 channels and

can be synced to receive audio :

There’s also a very versatile “on line synth” :

“Fragment” a live code environment,capable of

Additive, spectral, granular, subtractive, PM synthesis :

From a musical perspective,i’d like to suggest a total interaction

between Sonic Pi and other “áudio” tools around.

Other improvements could be :

  • Sound Font compatibility; it would be nice if we could load them

as an audio file.

  • Have ABC notation code embed to Sonic Pi; much faster then

score editors.

Thats my expectations,that i think,could transform

Sonic Pi on a powerful and unusual DAW.

Thank you for read.