Hi People,

9 months of working on and off on this project with the help of a lot of people wherefore my gratitude.
@samaaron @robin.newman especially!

I finally managed to finish my KRAUTROCK installation.
So for those interested and for those who helped me whom might be of interest!

Here the video of the project!

Krautrock is a sound project based on fermentation of cabbages.
Gas distribution of the cabbages is sonified with the help of several gas sensors.
Due to the fact that fermentation is a time based process the sound itself also creates a life-cycle of itself. For about a 30-day period the project creates a generative sound work and a fine batch of sauerkraut.


Wow! I imagine it’s compressed in time because fermentation takes a while. If it is, by how much are things sped up?

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It now runs for 30days (about the average time for a fermentation), every 3days I create a kind of next phase (esthetic choice). For the video I used four different batches of fermentation. The sound itself is purely going to all the phases at an accelerated tempo based on the type of batch it respectively captures data from.

The actual installation would not be altered and would change over the course of 30days and would always be different based on the fermentation.

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I’m a bit curious about the interest of this kind o f work and i must confess a bit dubitative. Gas has made no choice about the sounds you choose to be pleasant to human ears. So…
By the way, some code to share ?

These were purely aesthetics choices.

If I were to use the pure input of the sensor I would have to use heat as my data. And amplify that temperature in sound. (I that’s even possible)

I’m by far a scientist and I approached this fun project for pure aesthetic reasons. The sound to be pleasant is also subjective. Fact being though that I first went for clicks & pops but I got the hang of Sonic Pi and went for melodic approach. But I have way more to learn about sound synthesis and Sonic Pi.

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