Presenting: Coffee Jelly | コーヒーゼリー - an album made in part with Sonic Pi

This is my first post under the alias Doffu. You may already know of my old projects under the name @bagofdragonite

I began a little self-challenge in which I was attempting to release 1-2 songs per month. I faltered a bit and eventually became too busy to completely follow through. However, taking what I did produce I was able to put together a pretty cohesive album… it’s quite the adventure to listen through. If you have the time to listen I’d love for you to indulge. Share your thoughts and critiques as I’m always seeking to improve.

Coffee Jelly | コーヒーゼリー:

Not every song in this album was made with Sonic Pi but I did use it for about half of the songs, mainly for sample chopping, restructuring and FX. Pretty much anything glitchy you hear was probably produced with Sonic Pi.

If you’re specifically looking for it, the strongest examples of Sonic Pi usage in this album are:

  • Club Titiboo | クラブ チチブー
  • I Will Become Free | 自由になる
  • Polybius | ポリビアス